Paccalini is always a perfect and reliable partner, identified with experience, professionalism and use of advanced technologies. Paccalini offers you a wide range of options for every project.

Today we present our new 3D print service: make your ideas reality and lower production prices with 3D printing. Higher quality and speed, no mold needed with the new HP Jet Fusion 3D 5200 that transforms polyamide powder in ready to use products.

Paccalini 3D is the first service in Milan city and district that uses this revolutionary tool for 3D printing.

3D printing highly reduces production costs

Our 3D printing system has no limits: from prototypes with real shapes and performances, to the production of thousands of ready to use pieces.

With 3D printing technology you don’t need a mold to realize your products, reducing production costs in comparison to traditional thermoplastic printing.
Unleash 3D printing potential
Transform parts proprieties voxel by voxel for a future of applications, materials, and colors without limits.
Imagine a future where we will be able to produce “smart pieces” with incorporated electronic, traceability and intelligence.
We help your company getting ready for the new era of digital production.
Stampata con HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 Produzione ingranaggi meccanici Prototipazione Servizio di verniciatura Colorazione per immersione
Thanks to "HP Jet Fusion 3D 5200" we can offer you finishing and technical specifications never possible in traditional 3D printing. You can create objects and complex shapes at once thanks to the innovative printing process using polyamide powder.

Our company can offer you a service of painting, dip coloring and printing on plain surfaces to make every product unique.

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We produce dimensionally accurate parts (on pieces up to 100 mm +/- 0,20mm, for bigger dimensions tolerance is 0,20%. E.g.: on a piece of 200mm tolerance is +/- 0,40mm) with optimal mechanical properties WATCH VIDEO


Revolutionary speed up to 10 times faster than average with 30 million drops/second on all the working area.

Lowering costs

Reduce your expenses welcoming short term production. QUOTATION
We build elements made of Nylon PA12 which find direct application on the machines.

They are not prototypes but elements, printed with the newest 3D technology, similar in firmness to the ones obtained with mechanical manufacturing, but without limits in geometric complexity, thus financially convenient
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Technical characteristics of MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) pieces

  • Material Nylon PA12
  • Dimensional accuracy + o - 0.20 mm up to a 100 mm, then 0.20% of nominal dimensional
  • Maximum volume per printable piece: 380 × 284 × 380mm
  • Layer thickness: 0,08mm
  • Firmness, reworkable, paintable, low porosity, pressure seal
  • Possible realization of complex manifold for air

Mechanical processing after print:

  • Drilling
  • Threading
  • Milling

Possible finishings:

  • Painting
  • Black dip coloring
  • Milling

HP approved 3D printing partners:

Pakaline 3d Service is part of the HP approved partner network.
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